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Thursday, July 16, 2009

House Painting

Finally, our house has been painted and gosh, wasn't that a lot of work? HA! No, not really!! The color change will take a little getting used to but we really like the new color... even Lynsie seemed happy with it. We painted the house a navy blue color with a khaki colored trim. The biggest difference is that our garage was white before and is now the color of the house... I think that is what will take the most getting used to. New Life Painting did an excellent and FAST job (minus the plants they crushed or broke... which I'm sure wasn't on purpose but I should have probably warned them to be careful of my poor $30 bush that we almost lost this past winter and I was nursing back to health... that will take me a while to get over *sigh*). Anyway, I would recommend them and have their contact info for anybody interested. Just be sure to warn them to be careful of any plants you are partial too!!

Here is the before / after pics:

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