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Monday, December 21, 2009

Lynsie's Visit With Santa

I would have sent this out sooner, but really when you see the picture you have to hear the story behind it. Otherwise, the picture is just confusing and maybe sad. Haha!

For at least a month we have really been pumping up Lynsie for Santa Claus. We finally got around to heading to the mall this weekend so she could have her chance to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas. She's been prepped and talking about sitting on Santa's lap for awhile now, but I was still unsure of how it would go when the time came to actually do it.

We got to the mall before Santa had arrived at his chair but luckily only a few minutes. I heard some chatter and saw that Santa was making his way through the mall. I pointed him out to Lynsie and it was like she'd seen a movie star. She was so excited! Haha! She just kept pointing and staring, covering her mouth in awe. It was so funny!

As we waited for our turn to see Santa, she did really well and was pretty patient. It was then our turn and I didn't know what was going to happen. I really hoped I wasn't going to have two years of crying pictures from sitting on Santa's lap. We walked up and she immediately got very shy and put her head down. Santa was good though and started talking to her and I tried to encourage her to go closer. I then asked if she wanted to sit on his lap and he reached out his arms and she went right to him. Yay!! Success! Now he asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she said, "Princesses". Very cute!

Now it came time for the picture, I had high hopes that we'd get a great picture this year with a big smile. Well, something like that happened. The girl taking the pictures asked her to smile and what we got was one of her infamous "fake smiles". She even said "CHEESE" on a couple of them, but a real smile was nowhere to be seen. It was hilarious to say the least and it was all we could get in 3 of 4 pictures. The 4th picture featured Lynsie with her fist in her mouth thanks to the last of her 2 year molars making its way through. Everyone was laughing at her goofy face and you know, it's just classic and something we will be laughing about for years.

She was so darn excited even after leaving Santa's lap but just couldn't give that real smile. In fact, she is STILL talking about it this morning. Pretty much anytime she sees Santa anywhere, we hear about how she sat on his lap.

Now, when you look at this picture remember the above story and know that while it looks like she is sad... she really isn't. She's "smiling"!! HA!


  1. LOL, she does make the funniest faces! Too cute Lissa, glad you didn't end up with another "crying" picture! Love the story behind it too.

  2. Love it~ Glad she was happy and not freaked out!!!! :D