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Monday, October 19, 2009

Another Ultrasound... Yay!

10-21 - Updated with clearer pictures!

I had another ultrasound this afternoon. This one is to test for birth defects such as Down syndrome, heart defects, etc. I didn't get this one with Lynsie, but this type of testing is MUCH more accurate then the simple blood test they gave me during that pregnancy. This one can give up to a 95% accuracy rate for down syndrome, which is WAY better and a less chance of a false-positive.

The ultrasound tech was great, I'm actually planning on requesting he do my 20-week ultrasound as well. So personable and nice, it was a fun experience!

It was really neat to see the baby again and just how much its grown since 6 weeks ago! Wow! Actually looks like a baby now! Ha Ha! Still teeny tiny though... they estimate about 6.72 cm long right now.

Here is Baby Angelo #2... it's a profile picture and it looks like we just might have another thumbsucker on our hands. Haha!


Here is the little baby's foot... it's about 1.14 cm long.... teeny tiny!!


And the funnest part of my visit was after they let me run and go to the bathroom. I came out and the tech said, "So, we have a little extra time... do you want to try doing a 3D ultrasound?" Of course I said "YES!!" He didn't know if we would see anything clearly but he gave it a shot. We came out with the following picture which to me pretty much looks like a baby with its hands up in the face. You can see the hands, arms and tummy... I think the umbilical cord too. Pretty cool huh? As we get further along, like the 20 week ultrasound, if we have time he'll do it again and we'll see much more clearly!


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