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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Potty Training 101

Lynsie and I went to Salem yesterday to do a little shopping at PetSmart and Target. While at Target we found ourselves in the "Potty" aisle. I've been meaning to buy a potty for her as she is interested in the toilet in general and has been telling us for awhile that she has went potty (or in her words "POT!") in her diaper, etc. Anyway, I decided to take the plunge and buy one that we can have at the house for her to get used to. Once we got it home, she was so excited about it before it was even out of the box. I wanted her to stand next to the potty for a picture, but she INSISTED on sitting on top of the box. I got her to smile for the picture by promising to show her the baby on the camera if she sat there and smiled. SUCCESS! She was satisfied with that and flipped out over the baby on the camera, haha!

Next up was taking the potty out of the box and assembling for another picture. Again, she was so excited about this and in to everything. I got the potty put together which was really not hard once I looked at the directions. It has so many functions, the part she sits on actually detaches when she is better at using the potty and attaches to our toilet seat and the base can be used as a step-stool to get up to the potty. How versatile. ;o) Anyway, I finally got it together and she was again so excited to sit on it as you can see in the picture below.
I later found that she was using it at a storage area for toys that would fit. How convenient and again, how versatile! HA!

When her daddy got home from work, she had to show him how she can sit on the potty and this time she had to do it with pulling her shorts off. Thank goodness she chose to leave her diaper on otherwise we'd be in real trouble. I think I put her shorts back on her about 20 times yesterday afternoon. She was just so dang happy about that toilet. It eventually found it's new home in the bathroom and she can practice sitting on it when we get ready for her bath.

We don't plan on doing anything with it for right now, I'm going to let her lead the way and when she is ready to use the potty we'll go there. However, with her incredible interest in the toilet, I don't think it will be all that hard ... but we shall see as time will tell!

Here is a link to the potty we bought Safety 1st Potty 'N Step Stool.


  1. OMG Lissa she is toooooo cute! Good luck with the potty training!

  2. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is pretty serious about this! Easy potty training...she is already past step 1 which is overcome fear of the potty itself. =)

  3. She's in love with the dang thing! It's funny. We have it in the bathroom now, so anytime we go in there for a bath she insists on sitting on it naked. No piddle in the pot yet though!