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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This Week

Can I just say that the weather has been amazing the last couple of weeks? I just love, love, love warm spring and summer weather. It just makes everyone happier, it seems!
Well this week has been a busy one! John decided to begin his exercise regimen by doing P90X, which is an intense weight lifting regimen produced by BeachBody.

I am SO proud of him.

He has made some really big life changes in the past 7 months. Some of you may not know, but in November John quit tobacco. If you've known him or I for many years, you know this is a naughty habit he has had prior to me even meeting him in 1995. Anyway, him quitting tobacco was a huge deal and he did it cold-turkey. No pills or patches. *High five*

So now he has embarked on his P90X endeavor and is doing awesome so far. He is on Day 4 today and has finished the FULL workout the past 3 days. Tonight is yoga, which will be TOTALLY a different experience for him. Haha! I know he can do it though. I'll keep you all updated on how he is doing, which is GREAT so far!

As for me, I'm in the midst of my second round of ChaLEAN Extreme (CLX for short). I started CLX in January with Jennifer, hoping to lose the last 15 lbs of baby weight I was still carrying around. During my first round (90 days) I lost about 10 lbs, so not quite all of it but I'll tell you I am stronger than I have ever been. It is amazing. I love it! I'm now in the middle of my second round and these last 5 lbs are hanging on for dear life but I'm determined to get them off or at least the inches off. I've got 1 pair of capris that still don't fit me and I'll be damned if I'm gonna buy a new pair as these look brand new. HAHA! So if you see my booty squeezed into some too tight pants you'll know it's because I'm too cheap to suck it up and buy a pair that fits. HA!

In other news, what you really came here to read about.... LYNSIE JEAN! I know it, don't try to pretend you really cared about John and I ... we know it's all about L to the J. (Photo courtesy of my mom)

She is growing like a weed and learning new words and fun things everyday. While John has been exercising, she and I go to the park and play or on Tuesday and Thursday we have swim lessons. She loves to scare the crap out of her mama and climb up onto the big toy at the park. Also, she likes the "baby" toy but you know, she's not a "baby" anymore and a big girl, so that small toy just isn't as exciting. Bah! She also loves to swing... must be the feeling of the wind in her mullet... LOL! Ok, it's thickening up and growing but really at this point it looks like a wispy mullet.

At swim lessons, she is a fish. The girl can't get enough of that water! She can blow bubbles, kick her legs, splash, she hangs on the wall like a monkey, and she even jumps off the wall to me. Her newest favorite thing to do is to go down the big water slide. She stays above water, while mommy always seems to go under. It's fun though, so we will keep at it!

I think this is it for now... have a good one everybody!

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