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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Quick Saturday Check-In

Well today was a busy day! John, Lynsie, & I went and got the oil changed in my car which took for-FREAKING-ever!! Oil Can Henry's was so slow today. Of course John couldn't help himself to not comment on what they could do to make our service faster. Haha! Being an ex-employee, I don't blame him. :o)

We then ran back home and switched over to his truck on the search for a pre-fabbed picket fence gate for the backyard. No luck in Stayton though, we'll have to hit-up Home Depot tomorrow.

Once Lynsie went down for a nap, John and I washed both our vehicles. He mostly washed his though as I am finding he has a certain process to washing his beloved truck. I was in charge of the hose for that washing.

After the vehicles were all sparkly and shiny, I decided I should start working on pulling weeds in the backyard. I've gotta get ready for a new load of compost to be put down and I don't want to encourage the weeds to grow even bigger with the nice yummy compost. ;o) I spent most of the afternoon pulling weeds, I made it through half the yard. Yes, only half. This is a major drawback of living along the wetlands. SO MANY FRIGGIN' WEEDS! I plan on hopefully getting back out there tomorrow to finish up. That way we will be all ready for the compost hopefully next weekend.

Lynsie and I then made a trip to Safeway to get some dinner and ended up coming home with 6 corn on the cob because they were on sale for 6 for $1.98!! Sweet deal IMO! I plan on prepping them and taking them over to my mom & dad's house tomorrow for a BBQ. YUMMY!! I've been told we'll be having some of the Bush's Grillin' Beans too. Those are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!! NUM NUM (as Lynsie would say). :o)

Beyond that I'm wiped out and ready for bed at the mere time of 8:33 p.m. Once I publish this post I think that is where I'm heading.

What a beautiful weekend we are having, I love this weather! It is just perfect! :o)

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