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Friday, May 22, 2009

Pretty Flower Friday

Alright, I'm designating Friday's...


and if I'm good at this, I'll be updating with a picture of a pretty flower from my garden. I should have alot of them this year (I hope) as I planted a friggin' ton of flowers!!!!

To start off this wonderful, fun tradition I am going to share with you a photo of our giant flower pot here at work. We first established this giant flower pot in July of last year. My wonderful, friend Jennie's hubby planted the flowers which carried us through the summer. In the Fall, my mom came out and helped me pick some plants that would survive year round and add a little something to the pot during the Winter instead of a pot of brown dirt. That looked nice added to what had already been planted. However, with the nasty icy and snowy winter we had, nothing survived but the year round stuff we planted in the Fall.

Here is a "Before" photo of the pot:

After having the flower planting bug Mother's Day weekend at my own home, I decided to go the nursery and stock up our lovely giant flower pot at work with what I hoped would be beautiful flowers. So far, the giant flower pot is looking good and happy with what I've planted in it. The flowers I planted include a fuschia; some bacopa in pink, purple and white; impatiens that are a nice purplish-pink color; and a nice grass that should stay green year round (at least that's what the nursery told me!). So far, things seem to be really happy and I'm hoping we get some more beautiful blooms in the next few weeks. If they get really spectacular, I will for sure update.

As of right now, here is what we've got:

Keep your fingers crossed that all works out and we get lots of beautiful blooms this summer!!


  1. * HIGH FIVE!*

    Nice job on the flowers! :-)

  2. Good idea! I'm trying to come up with some fun theme days for my blog as well. I want to do a contest or something too, but I need more readers first!