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Monday, June 29, 2009

White Trash Baby Bash

A couple weeks ago I started following a blog called Confessions of a SAHM (which means Stay at Home Mom for those of you not saavy on that) when a friend of mine wrote a guest blog for her. I've been following the site and had to share her most recent post about a baby shower she had for her best friend. It was a "White Trash Baby Bash" and you have to see the pictures, too hilarious! Check her blog out and enjoy the pictures!!

Confession of the Day: I don't care what you call it, Baby Poo or Diahrrea or Puke... I friggin' LOVE me some guacamole. I really can't have it in the house even because I will just sit and eat it until the bowl is licked clean.


  1. Allisa, Thanks so much for the shout out on your blog! Girl I don't care what you call it either, its all good in my book. I have avocados left from the shower and I am debating making another batch. Maybe I will make batches of 1 avocado at a time so I don't it all in one sitting. Hehe :).

    Mmmmm. I love English muffins. When I first started eating healthy that's was my go to brekkie. English muffin, egg whites and part skim mozzarella. I also liked to add tomatoes and avocado. Yummm. Suck that I don't eat dairy and I am allergic to eggs :(. Eat some for me!!

    Got you down for 2 entries!


  2. Thanks Justine! I am SO sorry you are allergic to eggs... I will have one for you. :o) That's a good idea... 1 avocado at a time. Hmm... don't tempt me!